P2PU – Peer-to-Peer University: A system for peer led professional development

Mozilla OpenBadges ImageWhile doing research into the OpenBadges movement, my Google Search presented a link identified as a “challenge” on a site I had not yet heard of, P2PU. As I explored, started, and then quickly completed, the challenge presented by a fellow educator, Leah MacVie, I found myself growing increasingly curious about this new environment, and it’s potential for delivery PD.


Currently, I am exploring the Webmaking 101 Challenge. The current task is to “Write a magnificent blog post.” While not exactly magnificent, this particular post is a way for me to reflect openly on the ideas percolating in my mind. Which makes me think, “Mmm… coffee!” But I digress.

If you spend any time exploring this site, you’ll get a sense for who I am. But check out my digital footprint and you’ll see that I am a rather diverse, and some would say unique, individual.

Yes, I’m a geek. But I’m also an educator, a father, and an advocate for lifelong learning. I look at what Mozilla is doing with their Webmaker and OpenBadges initiative and want to apply it to education. I want the educational system to be better for my kids, and someday for their own. I’ve worked in higher ed, high school and now middle/elementary school. I’ve seen things that worked but I also see us doing a lot of the same thing, calling it something new, and saying we’ve “changed education.” I’m looking to cultivate a group of people who actually want to build something new. Hacking the system, the maker movement applied to EDU. That’s my dream.




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