Diigo Links 05/24/2012

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  • http://livestre.am/1VNFr

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      • Erin Knight – Mozilla Open Badges


        Created 23 days ago on connectedlearningtv



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  • tags: edubadges badges maker

  • tags: edubadges badges maker

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  • Badges for achievements outside of scouts

    tags: edubadges badges maker scouts

    • “leaderboards” for skills
    • Merit badges go hand-in-hand with scouting (Boy and Girl Scouts). What a great way to show and share something a kid has learned, and therefore earned. Earn enough and you’ve got a sash filled with skills.
      • Merit badges go digital: Boy and Girl Scouts award badges on their own social network(s).
      • Earn a badge online? It’s on Tumblr, Tweeted, added to Facebook/Google+ profiles.
      • Skill building: Use Google+ Hangouts to learn skills from troop leaders in other locations.
      • Nationwide leaderboard: Kids compete to earn the most skills over time.
      • Khan Academy for merit badges: Every video is online, every manual to earn a badge is a wiki. Merit badges go open source.

      • New badges, the maker set: 3D printing, laser cutting, microcontrollers (Arduino), bio-hacking, programming (HTML 5, app dev, Linux, Processing, etc), educational UAVs, soldering.
      • A new distributed “troop” that’s virtual, based on interests, not geography.
      • Kickstarter for Girl Scouts. They’re training girls to be the ultimate business persons with these cookies, so why not make it possible for other businesses to come out of the Girl Scouts?
      • Millions of kids are using iPhones and iPads, so an app that keeps track of their merit badges and ways to earn more of the digital ones.
      • “Mobile app/digital” versions of badges: It should be possible to check into skills just like checking into a location. There are privacy and location issues, more so with kids, but this is the world we’re in now. Every kid has a supercomputer with them, so maybe we can work toward figuring out ways to celebrate skill earning with them. There’s already an official Girl Scout Cookie App in iTunes (above).
      • Uniforms can be optional, but wearing something you made should be mandatory, from wearable electronics to fashion.
      • Which org will have the most repositories in GitHub? Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts? In the future, your repos and forks are all that matter.
      • Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts partner with hackerspaces, makerspaces, TechShop, Maker Faires, and FabLabs to have on-site workshops to earn badges and skills. Every Girl Scout should have access to a discounted membership at TechShop if there’s one in their area.
      • Or, go one step further, the local Girl/Boy Scout Troop IS a membership-based hackerspace for kids.

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