Worldware and New Personal Learning Environments

Gary Brown, Director of Center for Teaching, Learning & Technology, Washington State University

My thoughts/comments are indicated by an asterisk (*).

Worldware refers to materials created for purposes other than teaching and learning.

Wesch – 100% want to learn, 50% want to be in classroom

We are all immigrants  because we have yet to learn to think critically.

Students are swirling, using multiple institutions to facilitate learning.

Students who value critical thinking are significantly more likely to value: peer critiques, community, and self-assessment.

Testing to kill learning?

Cites AACU report American Association of Colleges and Universities survey of US 301 Business Leader. (pull quotes)

Nace 2008

Erosion of public’s faith and good will toward higher ed.

bush satire comic tell me johnny what have you learned, mcgraw-hill

Bloom warned of the danger of confusing taxonomy with chronology.

Harvard Private Universe Project honors the power and sophoitication of (students) ideas.

The Disengagement Compact – “I won’t expect too much of you if you don’t ask too much of me.”

WSU Critical Thinking Project (

Great focus slide comparing teacher, learner and learning centricity

  • Teacher centric: Assign Task, Study & Perform, Test & Submit
  • Learner centric: Cooperate, Study, Interact & Perform, Test & Submit
  • Learning centric: Help Define, Study, Collaborate, Discover, Generate; Share Beyond Class

Held an e-Portfolio Contest to identify innovative uses/styles of folio

The ideal ePortfolio continuum model: Select -> Reflect (initial) -> Feedback -> Loop back -> Longitudinal reflection

* How can we leverage this in working with employers?

Process over product (the process can be replicated, the product may or may not)

* I am going to get the slides and provide more reflection later. Gary shared some incredible quotes about the value of the ePortfolio

The Harvesting Gradebook
(WSU is using SharePoint) Activity Planning, Targeted Messaging, Learner Agency, Importing & Exporting Grades, Performance Over Time, Grade Calculations

Need to look into WSU model as this is perfect for our needs!
Student submits works for review using common, public rubric.
Faculty assignments can be reviewed using a similar rubric.

Presentation may be available here.

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