Supporting Next-Gen Academic Development in a Web 2.0 World

Susanna Wong Herndon, Associate Director, Division of Instructional Innovation and Assessment, University of Texas-Austin
Robert Bruce, Associate Dean, DIIA, University of Texas-Austin

My notes are identified by an asterisk (*).

Division of Instructional Innovation and Assessment (DIAA)

  • Address teaching, technology and assessment needs
  • Work with ALL UT colleges, schools and units
  • Power to convene, advise and advocate (responsible for informing Provost and make recommendations)

Supports faculty through:

  • instructional and technical consulting
  • professional development
  • resource development
  • project development
  • incentives & grants

Next-gen learners

  • mobile
  • digital
  • connected
  • experiential
  • immediate
  • social

* Experiment and learn through identification of cause and effect

They want to be engaged, to be part of a vibrant learning community, and have the opportunity to explore, collaborate, innovate and be challenged.

UT defines Web 2.0 in their environment as:

  • social computing
  • mobile learning
  • educ gaming
  • geospatial technologies
  • immersive media

As UT scans their horizon, they are looking for tools that will:

  • facilitate collaborative and group work
  • connect students with ideals and information
  • create experience that we could not provide students before
  • merge the power of spatial analysis with geo-tagged multimedia

Identification Process

  • Technology – what are the characteristics of the tech?
  • Benefits – Does the tech address an important problem
  • Faculty Readiness – Are faculty ready, willing and able to use it?
  • Implementation – Can we implement and support it?

Funding & Dev

  • Student development grants
  • Provost’s incentive awards
  • Digital media support
  • Collaborative proposals with colleges

Incubation circles

  • Inner ring: tools
  • 2nd ring: new media research & support (NMRS)
  • 3rd ring: Student employees retention & Training (SERT)
  • 4th: faculty incentive grant (FAST TEX), Digital Media Services (DMS)

UTA – Teaching with Technology Resource Page

What is UT keeping up with?

  • Changes in technology
  • Shifts in student characteristics and expectations
  • New approaches to teaching and learning
  • The emergence of global communities
  • New knowledge

What if we don’t keep up?

  • We will have “Digital students at analog schools”
  • We will lose out on opportunities to engage students
  • We will fail to raise the bar in teaching & learning
  • We will fail to be a leader in higher education
  • We will fall short in support of the 21st century workplace and society
  • We will fail to contirbiture toa culture of innovation

* I changed the bullets above to statements as they seemed to be more powerful in conveying the message about a need for change and attention to our students.

Robert Bruce made a good link back to the tech problems early on in the presentation. The speaker’s IM failed to connect, as she used the tool to stay in touch with her children (said it’s the only way she can reach them). The corollary is that we will fail to connect with our students if we cannot adopt technologies that reach them.

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