Riding Web 2.0 Toward Service Beyond the Classroom

Jim Wolfgang, Director, Georgia Digital Innovation Group, Georgia College and State University
Keith  Politte, Corporate Relations Officer, University of Missouri
Frank Lowney, Manager, Web Enabled Resources and Professor of Educational Foundations, Georgia College and State University

*Indicates my thoughts

Service-learning: The campus and beyond
Developing a community, a sense of belonging and common purpose/intent

*The bourgeoning growth of offline apps: Google Gears, Adobe AIR, MS Silverlight leading to innovation.

Real world application – Reynolds Journalism Institute “programming” competition

*Integrate technology using real world projects that lead to a real product/service as opposed to a theoretical one. Develop local history resources, develop materials to benefit your peers, profession, community.

*Beginning to see my “need” for an iPod Touch

Budget – how do you develop these innovations without money? Approach Provost for innovation funding – cross-disciplinary. Tell story to possible supporters. Match funds from other sources. Interdisciplinary Innovations Fund, Univ of Missouri 2008-09 Projects – iPhone Student Developer Competition, Building Dashboard, Sustainable Agriculture, FilmTech, Solar Decathlon

*Market and reach out!

Business of Innovation – how do you develop your innovative practice?
Consider: ownership, marketing, branding, promotion
ROI, it’s not all about money!

How others are using web 2.0 beyond the classroom?
*PELI, touted at #camptech08 for outreach and resource research and connection facilitation. I forgot to mention how we’d like to work with the State Dept and aid orgs for mapping and developing complementary efforts

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