Notes from Adrian Sannier Keynote

Notes to be filled in later, so stay tuned.

Faith in technology – tech will solve our problems
Extend education will increase excellence
We can’t see how amazing the age we live in is.

Progression of phones – Switchboard in Mayberry to cell phones for 8-year olds
Adoption 85 yrs for phone, decade for cells

Ray Kurzweil –

Static v. dynamic
portfolios are a representation but are not learning
How do we leverage technology for learning, for synthesis rather than re-presentation?

Frank Rhodes, Creation of the Future

How do we measure a university, what would we do if we were to start a university today?

Context to Core
ASU wants to go from 60K to 100K students, how long can we compete when we try to do it all ourselves? At what point are we wasting our resources trying to replicate what others can provide for less?

“Core processes… are the ones that differentiate you… so that customers select you over your competition. Everything else is context.” – Geoffrey Moore

How do we move from context to core? Eliminate inefficiencies, redundancies…
Research – The concept of one, do it once, do it well, do it everywhere
The concept of zero – don’t do it, let someone else who is better at what they do, do it for you. It’s a simple matter of scale, and Service Level Agreements.

Cop to Concierge – cut out the middleman

Info to Intelligence
Fractured business intelligence – Dashboards to die for
Create a data singularity where you train people to manage data from dashboards rather than fracturing their attention and time

Cattle-car to 1:1
Promote don’t prevent technology adoption on campus. Provide apps online, provide anytime, anywhere learning.

Physical to digital
Burn the libraries, stop air conditioning the books
We need change now

Traditional to hybrid
Abilene Christian University – 0 to warp speed

Is it time for a radical infusion of tech into higher ed?
Does the role of IT declien?
Does the CIO cease to be a strategic officer?

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