Do you know what this button means?

Universal Edit ButtonIf you don’t, you soon may if many wiki platforms have success in promoting their Firefox extension for the Universal Edit Button. The idea is akin to the now almost ubiquitous RSS icon. When you come across a page that is editable, this icon will appear in your address bar letting you know that you have the ability to edit this page. It is hoped that this branding will serve as an open invitation resulting in an increase in the participatory culture that has made the wiki world so unique.

While a terrific step in the right direction, my desire is that wiki developers will seriously consider embedding this functionality into the web experience such that an extension is unnecessary.

“The amazing quality of many wikis, especially wikipedia, makes people afraid to contribute. But wikis want you to edit them. This button is meant as an invitation for surfers to contribute as much or as little as they want.” — Ehud Lamm.

Thanks to ReadWriteWeb for the alert.

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