Diigo Links 06/05/2008

  • From D’Arcy Norman, something that fits in well with my LMS revisioning schema. Wonder how it relates to something like Profilactic?

    tags: darcy, dnorman, eduglu, ple

    • EduGlu is a concept that came out of some discussions at Northern Voice 2006 – almost exactly 2 years ago – as a way to make sense of an individual’s distributed content in the context of a course. The problem is on one hand very simple – a person publishes a bunch of stuff, and all they need to do is pull it into a course-based resource. On the other hand, it’s really quite hard – how can software provide what appears to be a centralized service, based on the decentralized and distributed publishings of the members of a group or community, and honour the flexible and dynamic nature of the various groups and communities to which a person belongs?
  • Integrating Google Calendar into a WordPress blog

    tags: google, calendar, g-cal, googlecal, wordpress, blog

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