Free and Open-source Solutions for Communication & Collaboration

I am presenting today at the Business2Business Conference being held at the beautiful Mount Washington Valley Hotel. I was invited to speak about Free and Open-Source Solutions to enhance communication and collaboration in business. What follows is my Google Presentation that will go off in about 30 minutes.

Free Communication & Collaboration Tools for Business

How business can quickly and easily deploy Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) solutions to enhance their internal and external communications, collaboration and marketing efforts.

The recent explosion of content authoring tools such as blogs, wikis, and Google Office have created an untapped opportunity for businesses to improve their ability to communicate and collaborate internally, within the organization, but also externally, in working with partner organizations and development teams outside of the traditional business model. The simplicity and availability of these tools outside of the physical office environment have led to unprecedented gains in productivity, as well as some unique partnerships. This session will serve to introduce participants to the wide variety of tools available and discuss how they might be quickly integrated into their business practice.

UPDATE: Presentation went well. It was recorded, so I may have a copy to post here in the next couple of days. Here is the PBwiki link for those interested in the presentation development and some of the vids we didn’t have an opportunity to view this afternoon. Thanks again to all who attended!

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