Diigo Links 03/14/2008

Allegheny LMS Blog

tags: lms, lms-project

  • Allegheny moved from Blackboard to Sakai. This blog details some of their efforts in that transition.
     – post by edventures

One thought on “Diigo Links 03/14/2008

  1. We had been a WebCT/Blackboard campus for 7 years. When we moved to WebCT 4.0 CE we were not excited about moving to Vista so we signed a multi year agreement and started planning for the next solution. Fortunately for us we started our search at a time that the open source solutions were mature enough to consider with out a programming staff. We will partner with an offsite hosting company, Longsight, that specializes in open source solutions for higher education.

    I am proud of our process and think the decision of Sakai (and the Longsight collaboration) provides a reliable long term solution. Please feel free to contact if I can be of assistance.

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