Demo WordPress 2.5 before its pending March release.

From Weblog Tools Collection comes this late breaking item.

Chris Johnston has announced the availability of a public WordPress 2.5 demo site. This site will house the most up to date version of WordPress 2.5 prior to its release in March. This is particularly useful to those who do not wish to setup an SVN install of WordPress on their local machine or web server.

I had problems with a redirect to SiteSpinner using the URL but adding /wp-admin to the end got me right to the login screen.

The username/password combo for the demo site is admin/demo

Below are current screenshots of the major working spaces. Click on the image to see a larger version in my Flickr account.

WordPress 2.5 Dashboard Screen Dashboard
WordPress 2.5 Write Screen Write
 WordPress 2.5 Manage Screen Manage
 WordPress 2.5 Design Screen Design
 WordPress 2.5 Comment Screen Comment
 WordPress 2.5 Plugin Screen Plugins
WordPress 2.5 Users Screen Users
 WordPress 2.5 Settings Screen Settings

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