Diigo Links 01/31/2008

Profs compete for students’ attention | Tech news blog – CNET News.com

tags: attention, digital-native, edtech, learning, multitasking, teaching

2008 Horizon Report (pdf)

tags: 2008, edtech, education, educause, horizon-report, nmc, technology, trends

How Should Colleges Assess And Improve Student Learning? (pdf)

tags: assessment, college, learning, university

  • Interesting read from the standpoint of employers receiving our college and university graduates. They like project based learning such as capstone projects, internships, etc. They like electronic portfolios, which is the first real evidence I’ve seen of a demand for e-portfolios outside of the walls of academia.They dislike multiple choice tests as they don’t feel that they are accurate assessments of student learning (wow, go figure!).
     – post by edventures

Moodle Information | ITRC

tags: lms, lms-project, moodle

  • A good synopsis of a project which moved a campus from WebCT CE4 to Moodle.
     – post by edventures

Top News – Report looks at schools’ success with Moodle

tags: lms, lms-project, moodle

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