Library Technology Plan

I am currently developing a technology plan for our local library. It is being developed online using PBwiki and is available here:

The Samuel H Wentworth Library serves the town of Sandwich and its 1300+ residents. It is also home to the grassroots wireless network, Cyberpine, which serves our town in lieu of typical broadband connections such as cable or DSL. This relationship allows the Library to provide free wireless access to patrons, as well as four public access terminals. Future growth of public net access is somewhat restricted as it is tempered by the availability of bandwidth through CyberPine which is currently served by a T1 line.

As of this moment, the Library does not have a web presence, although that is of great interest to its director. As I develop this technology plan, I would be interested in hearing what other libraries of similar size and capacity are doing to extend their services to their respective communities. Please drop a comment and let me know what you would like to see in such a library.

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