Twitter Updates: 2007-04-13

  • @librarianmer: Glad to hear you arrived safely. Good luck in NY! #
  • Trying to figure out YackPack on my PBwiki #
  • It looks like I’ve got a message but I can’t see how to play it back. Scratch, scratch, scratch??? #
  • Have I mentioned how much I HATE dial-up!!! #
  • Um ok, I’m getting it now. Turns out that little number in the bottom right is just identifying that someone else is on the page with me. #
  • Wondering how useful a sync tool like the YackPack widget would actually be in a collaborative environment… #
  • At TLC Meeting to kick off the morning. #
  • Just got back from planning our summer classroom tech upgrades – it’s gonna be a busy time! #
  • Upgraded Skype to 3.1 and installed TalkAndWrite Extra for whiteboard augmentation. #
  • Prepping for a PBwiki presentation after lunch. #
  • Listening to the first part of the wiki workshop #
  • Back from wiki workshop – low turnout 😦 #
  • Exploring BlogBridge Feed Library and having a bear of a time editing folders. #
  • Turns out there is a FeedLibrary bug on this hosted site. Techs are investigating. #
  • Still playing with FeedLibrary. It’s got a lot of potential to open up RSS to my faculty! #
  • Heading home for the weekend. Got a test run of BlogBridge’s Feed Library up at #

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