Twitter Updates: 2007-04-12

  • Ok jutecht your Mariners are beating my Sox 3-0 #
  • @jutecht: What is the time differential for you and I? It’s 8:30 EST here. I think -5 GMT but with Daylight savings it’s hard to remember. #
  • Ack… Sox losing in a no-hitter thru 6. #
  • @dnorman: Does BlogBridge have an autofind function or do you have to manually add all your feeds? #
  • At Cafe Monte Alto grabbing my double-decaf cap with a shot of coconut and a touch of cocoa. Mmmmm…. #
  • Exploring YackPack ( to create new communication channels #
  • @elsua: I’m not tracking Johnt, what’s the scoop? #
  • @librarianmer: May I add my best wishes on a safe flight – I’m not looking forward to the commute back home tonight from Plymouth, NH! #
  • In a Distance Ed Planning meeting #
  • In a phone conference with Blackboard #
  • Done with the Bb phone conference, thinking about heading home soon due to weather conditions. #
  • Working with PBwiki for a faculty workshop tomorrow. #
  • Heading home on slippery roads, wish me luck! #
  • @coolcatteacher: Vicki I’m so sorry to hear about your dog, will Butterfinger be ok? #

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