PBwiki + YackPack = Voice enabled Wiki!


According to the folks at PBwiki, they will be holding a joint press conference with their colleagues at YackPack tomorrow, April 12th, to discuss the delivery of a widget intended to provide an audio component to the wiki experience. The techie/tech journalist press conference will be held at 2 PM Pacific, 5 PM EST, while educators and edubloggers will have their own press conference at 6 PM Pacific, 9 PM EST. The press conference will be held online at http://press.pbwiki.com employing the very technology being announced.


For those unfamiliar, PBwiki provides free basic wiki hosting while YackPack is known for their work on unified communications services.

What new doors will this alignment of resources provide to educators, particularly those who work asynchronously with learners in other areas of the globe? It is an exciting time to be sure and leaves me wondering, as always, what tomorrow will bring?


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