Twitter Updates: 2007-04-09

  • @jutecht: Hey man, how goes the WPMU battle? Any progress? #
  • @jutecht: Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help. I’ve got some folks at PSU who might have some ideas tomorrow morning our time. #
  • @grahamwegner: Glad to hear you’re all feeling better. At least you still have the chocolate waiting for you 🙂 #
  • Catching the BoSox at Texas, but suffering thru the ESPN commentators. YUK!!! Thanks for the reminder timlauer! #
  • Joe Morgan ain’t no RemDawg that’s for sure! #
  • @jutecht: Congrats J! Glad to hear you got it worked thru! #
  • Dates for the 2007 K-12 Online Conference: 8-27 October. I can’t wait! #
  • Off to Registrar interview and then to meet with the Uni. Pres and VP for Finance on fund raiser tech support. #
  • CIO running interference with the Pres, so I’m at lunch! #
  • Writing a review of Moodle: A complete guide to successful learning using Moodle by William H. Rice IV, May 2006 Packt Publishing. #

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