Twitter Updates: 2007-04-08

  • @jutecht: Man J, that’s rough. These are WordPress MU blogs, yah? Is it the link access to them or is it a DB access issue? #
  • @jutecht: I was trying to get WPMU set up on my Dreamhost site. Turns out that it wouldn’t create the domains without a tweak on their end. #
  • Watching BBC America’s Robin Hood #
  • Grrr… Watching Sox devolve #
  • Dreamhost FTL?
    No access to my account, to Panel or to
    Grrr…. #
  • Chaos reigns supreme – Easter Bunny has come and gone, egg-hunting done and so am I – it’s only 7 a.m. EST – uh oh #
  • Dreamhost suffering major DNS attack #
  • Yah, I know, John, it’s Easter, why are you online – um… no idea #
  • Dreamhost dDOS seems to be resolved – WMTS back online #
  • @grahamwegner: Major bummer, here’s hoping everyone recovers from that nasty bug quickly! #
  • Putting together a new crested gecko habitat with my son #
  • We’re debating on whether to go with a bio-substrate or a carpeted base. Looks like carpet for now as we need a standoff for the bio-base. #
  • Hmm….. Jaiku a Twitter-killer? We’ll see. #

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