Diigo Links 04/07/2007

New bar codes can talk with your cell phone | CNET News.com  Annotated

  • I originally found this article in the NY Times but refused to link to them until they get rid of their foolish practice of requiring a “free” registration to view.

    Between motion sensing, barcode reading and flexible screens, the tech that can be placed into a cell phone could take the concept of convergence to a new level.

     – post by edventures

With a wave, the phone can read encoded information on everyday objects and translate that into videos, pictures or text files on its screen.

    Motion-sensing comes to mobile phones | CNET News.com  Annotated

    • Who needs a Wii when you have your cell phone?
       – post by edventures
    The same technology used in Nintendo’s popular Wii video game console that lets you bowl strikes and hit tennis volleys like you’re Venus Williams is also making its way into mobile handsets.

      www.sifry.com: State of the Blogosphere / State of the Live Web

      • This page has links to the quarterly state of the blogosphere reports coming out of Sifry.com going back to October 2004.
         – post by edventures

      KickRSS :: Create An Aggregated RSS Feed

      Education Week: Let’s Abolish High School  Annotated

        Were our young people always required to attend school, and were their work opportunities always limited to babysitting, yard work, and cleaning the floors at fast-food joints? Were they always subject to so many restrictions? Are teenagers necessarily incompetent and irresponsible, as the media tell us?

          GeoRSS Home

          • From Slashdot:
            Microsoft announced their new Live Maps, in addition to supporting Firefox on Windows for 3D, now supports the GeoRSS standard. They join Google which recently announced the support of GeoRSS and KML mapping in their Google Maps API. In short, GeoRSS is a standard supported by the Open Geospatial Consortium that incorporates geolocation in an interoperable manner to RSS feeds. The applications are numerous. With Yahoo!’s support of GeoRSS, all the major players are in and the future looks bright for this emerging standard.

             – post by edventures

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