Twitter Updates: 2007-04-06

  • @jutecht: Mornin’ Jeff #
  • @jutecht: I’m still recovering from shoveling nasty wet snow – wishing I was somewhere warmer right now 🙂 #
  • Hitting the rack and looking for inspiration somewhere… #
  • Working with a faculty member on a Student Response System pilot. Anyone else using these and have an opinion? #
  • Back in my office #
  • Working on a review of PacktPub’s Moodle – A complete guide to successful learning using Moodle. #
  • @jefflebow: Wish I could head down there with you, PodcampNYC sounds like a blast. #
  • @elsua: The problem with snow days is that work in addition to snow accumulate!!! Now I’m shoveling virtual snow 😉 #
  • @elsua: I’m ready for spring! Waiting for the rock to dry so I can go climbing! #
  • Ok, so the new My Google Maps tool – ROCKS! Here’s to the death of boring history classes! #
  • Check out the C-Net vid – #
  • @elsua: So where are you at geographically these days? #
  • Filling out course proposal for #
  • Grad course: Teaching & Learning in the 21st-century classroom #
  • Heading to lunch #
  • Wes Fryer’s podcasts 142 and 143 have thoughts spinning about evolving the model of education we use – it’s broken – how do we fix it? #
  • Education leapfrog – abandon an evolution in education in favor of a radical leap forward. #
  • Think cell phones in developing nations, they bypassed landlines almost entirely. #
  • Education leapfrog – abandon an evolution in education in favor of a radical leap forward. #
  • Testing VoIP on campus #
  • Turned in winterim course proposal, yea! #
  • Dreamhost mySQL FTL? #
  • Dreamhost mySQL back #
  • Upgrading my WP blogs to 2.1.3 #
  • @brlamb, @dnorman: Yah, brag about shorts, we got nuthin’ but snow here. #
  • Correct snowfall pic link: #
  • Heading home to celebrate Hunter’s 7th & Ethan’s 3rd birthdays tomorrow. Yup, you got it same day three years apart. #

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