Twitter Updates: 2007-04-05

  • BoSox beating the Royals 3-0 top of the 1st, yippee! #
  • Remy, quit jinxing Mike Lowell !!!! B2B errors?! #
  • Thinking some more about Coop – what about a mega-feed in which you can dump a number of feeds a la SuprGlu? A stream of consciousness feed! #
  • Blogging about Coop #
  • Kevin Youkilis with a 2 run homer, 6-1 BoSox! #
  • BoSox win it 7-1 #
  • Hitting the rack, probably shoveling again t’morrow. #
  • Catching up on Tweets and avoiding shoveling the 18+” of snow on my deck! #
  • @jutecht: Is the PSU course you are facilitating online or will you be here this summer? #
  • Still shoveling! #
  • Willrich is stirring the pot again – this time on the UMich degree on Social Computing – #
  • Snow day treat – BoSox day game with Dice-K pitching his first MLB game! #
  • Twitter-blogging? #
  • @davecormier: Safe travels #
  • Hmm, interesting Twitter action – when I reply to a Tweet using @user, it now adds “in reply to ___” after then when posted. Twit-evolution? #
  • Or am I again just now noticing the obvious? #
  • Sox still up 2-1, bottom of the 7th #
  • Sox win it, Dice-K gets his first MLB win – nice bullpen support! #

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