Twitter Updates: 2007-04-04

So for those wondering, these posts are tests of the Twitter to blog option of the Twitter Tools Plugin. I’m curious to see if or how this stream of consciousness post adds value to my blog. Probably less interesting to those following on RSS but personally, I’ve been finding utility in Twitter from the standpoint that folks Tweet on things that wouldn’t necessarily be blog-worthy but have value to those in their network. As an example, I’ve shared a few interesting Tweets with Luis Suarez, D’Arcy Norman and Jeff Utecht and added a new node (and kindred spirit) to my network – Jeff VanDrimmelen of UNC-Chapel Hill.

If you are curious about Twitter, feel free to add me to your list as the search features leave a lot to be desired. Right now I use the trial and error method. Find someone I know, check out their friends and add those that are mutual and in some cases, make new connections I might not have otherwise.

Not sure how long I’ll keep posting these Twitter updates. I do wish there was a way to set it to post privately so that I can continue to log my days but not bore the world.

  • Watching NCIS and looking for K-12 science tech grants for my better half. #
  • Wondering why Tweetr was earlier posting dups of my posts and now won’t post at all?!?! Grrr….. #
  • Hitting the rack and hoping the Red Sox have a better game Wednesday than they did on opening day! #
  • Digging thru the morning’s email deluge #
  • Grrr…. Tweetr is ticking me off. Won’t post! #
  • @elsua: I have the same frustration with Firefox and Flock. Memory bloat is a big problem. Of course I do have a tendency to hoard tabs! #
  • @edutechie: Me too!
    Maggie Tsai and co. are doing bang-up work! #
  • @edutechie: There is the Groups feature but it doesn’t appear to have the same “friend” tracking that I enjoy in #
  • @edutechie: The highlighting aspect is particularly useful from an educational standpoint – gleaning and sharing the nuggets with learners. #
  • @jutecht: Rock on, I’m glad to have you aboard. Will you be using (cough) WebCT this summer? #
  • @jutecht: Theme looks great. Check the blogroll tho’, it tweaks in Firefox. It flies horizontal rather than vertical like the rest. #
  • Thanks jutecht for the heads-up on the WordPress Twitter widget. Just installed it and it’s tracking nicely. #
  • @jutecht: Let’s catch up sometime – maybe on Skype? You can find me as edventures #
  • @jutecht: Looking forward to it! #
  • @jutecht: G’night J! #
  • @dnorman: Do you have the link for Open Education 2007? Yah, I’m being lazy. #
  • @dnorman: Thanks! #
  • ITS Managers Meeting, then Online Ed Task Force meeting, then video editing support for a student called to active duty. #
  • Hmm… Mozilla Coop? Check out #
  • Throw in a little Twitter action, integrated screen/webpage sharing/markup and you’ve got one interesting collaborative tool. #
  • Wow, Firefox tabs are cranking with new things to think about. Stream of consciousness links will follow… #
    A wild tool for mashing up data and presenting it in graphic format online. #
  • Custom Google Map from Google Spreadsheet data #
    A hosted ePortfolio solution currently offering free samples during their beta period. #
  • View my sample at #
  • Wow, 2 consecutive 1000+ hit days to
    Wonder where the traffic is coming from? #
  • Ok Twitter stop mashing up my links – #
  • Hmmm… A Master’s degree in Social Computing from UMich ( – wonder if any of it is available online? #

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