Diigo Links 04/04/2007 – The K-12 Science Tech Grant Edition

Being the good doobie that I am, I decided it was time to take action when my wife Michelle started telling me how much she would love to enrich her classes by integrating more technology in the form of microscopes that can take digital images and connect to a projector, tablet PCs for drawing and developing in real-time with her class, perhaps even an Integrated White Board. So I began searching through back issues of E-School News and looking online for grants that we could apply for as funding in her district is pretty much non-existent. The links that follow are the superficial ones I found on short notice and some deadlines have already passed but I included them as they appeared to be annual grants and so it would give me time to prep for the next round.

Please feel free to contribute your own links if there are grants out there that you are aware of. Specifically, the grants should support science, education and technology through the purchase of appropriate technology (hardware, software, subscriptions to online resources) and/or training.

Some of the links below aren’t grants but rather awards for exemplary teaching. I’m biased but I think my wife rocks when she tells me about some of the wild projects and activities she does in her classes to get them excited about science. So now I just have to translate that into something that an award committee would value. I welcome suggestions as I am a n00b when it comes to grantwriting and awards!


Google Directory – Reference > Education > K through 12 > Supplemental Funding > Grants

  • An interesting compilation, Google-style, of supplemental funding in the form of grants for K12 schools.
     – post by edventures

NSTA – SeaWorld/Busch Gardens Environmental Educator of the Year

  • Award: $5000 and all expense paid trip to NSTA National Conference
     – post by edventures

SeaWorld Environmental Excellence Awards

  • Eight winning groups receive:
    • $10,000
    • All expense paid trip for teacher and 3 students to an Anheuser-Busch park for awards event
    • Digital camera
    • T-shirts
    • Trophy

    One overall educator receives:

    • $5000
    • All expense paid trip for winner and guest to Anheuser-Busch park for award event
    • Digital camera
    • All expense paid trip to 2008 NSTA Conference
    • Trophy

    Deadline: 30 November 2007

     – post by edventures

NSTA – DCAT Making a Difference Award

  • Recognizing excellence in science programs. $2500 to enhance the program. Award includes attendance for winner at the NSTA National Conference. Deadline 15 Oct 2007
     – post by edventures

NSTA – Ciba Exemplary Middle Level and High School Science Teaching Award

  • Award for Middle- and High-school teachers demonstrating exemplary science teaching. $2000 award, 1-yr NSTA membership, $500 to attend NSTA National Conference. Deadline 15 Oct 2007
     – post by edventures

NSTA – Sylvia Shugrue Award for Elementary School Teachers

  • $1000 award and up to $500 to defray cost of attending the NSTA National Conference on Science Education. Deadline 15 Oct 2007
     – post by edventures

HP US Philanthropy: K-12 HP Technology for Teaching grant

  • HP grant including:
    • Tablet PC
    • Digital projector
    • Digital camera
    • Printer/scanner/copier (PSC)
    • $500 stipend
    • Professional development opportunities

     – post by edventures

NSTA – Awards, Grants & Competitions

    US NSF – National Science Foundation

      National Endowment for the Humanities Grants

      Verizon Foundation

      • Education and literacy grants for K-12 and non-profit organizations.
         – post by edventures

      Presidential Awards for Mathematics and Science Teaching

      • NSTA grant for excellence in science teaching. Deadline 18 January
         – post by edventures

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