Twitter Updates: 2007-04-03

  • @elsua: Whoa, check out
    It requires the new Adobe Apollo Runtime but it’s quick! #
  • George Thoroughgood echoes my feelings right now – 1 bourbon, 1 scotch and 1 beer !!! #
  • At portal content committee meeting discussing myPlymouth makeover #
  • Back from portal content meeting #
  • Wow, two 1000+ hit days for my blog. Love looking at Google Analytics anc seeing where folks are coming from. #
  • @brlamb: Will you be in Boston this July? #
  • @brlamb: How about integrating collaborative tech into a rigid LMS? #
  • @brlamb – Bummer, was hoping to catch up with you. I put in a preso for using social bookmarking tools within a course through their RSS. #
  • Heading home. Back online around 8 PM EST / 0100 GMT #

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