Diigo Links 04/03/2007 – The GeoBlogging and GeoTagging Edition, part II

A few more links which will help with my Galapagos GeoBlogging and PemiVoices endeavors. The first is an educational resource which could have potential benefit to those exploring earth systems science. PemiVoices is a digital heritage project that will hopefully have a strong but localized impact on literacy, community and authorship.

The Christensen Fund  Annotated

    The Christensen Fund embraces the perspective that recognizes the interdependence of cultural and biological integrity and focuses its efforts on that component of diversity which has been recently coined as biocultural namely the weave of humankind and nature, cultural pluralism and ecological integrity.

      Geographic Map Coordinates

      • Great primer on translating geo-coordinates into X-Y axis points
         – post by edventures

      spiralbound.net – Geo Dive Blogging 101

      • Cliff Pearson’s info on how he is turning his blog into a dive log complete with geotagging.
         – post by edventures

      MaisonBisson’s bsuite_geocode Plugin for WordPress

        cyberhobo’s Geo Mashup WordPress Plugin

        • Updated version of the Geo Mashup plugin
           – post by edventures

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