Diigo Links 03/29/2007 – The GeoBlogging and GeoTagging Edition

This edition of Diigo Links relates to a project I will be working on with my wife who, as I have mentioned in previous posts, will be participating in a travel study to the Galapagos Islands this June. During her trip Michelle will be creating her own experiential journal, taking pictures and collecting geotag data via GPS on the locations they visit. This will be combined with a number of podcasts and other resources which will, hopefully, be the basis for an educational travelog highlighting the Galapagos Islands, Charles Darwin, evolution, geology and bio-diversity.

Enjoy and if you have any feedback or other useful links, please leave a comment below!

MAKE: Blog: HOW TO GPS Tag Photos: Flickr, Mappr, Google Earth….

  • From Make Magazine so you know it’s gonna be good.
     – post by edventures

Great Shot, Where’d You Take That? – FlickrBlog

    Flickr: GeoTagging Flickr

    • This is the Flickr Group for Geotaggers. Some interesting discussion and plenty of folks to ask questions of.
       – post by edventures

    Flickr Help Screencast Volume 1: Geotags & You

      How-to: easily geotag your Flickr photos – Download Squad

        spiralbound.net » Revillagigedo Archipelago Dive Log – Day 1

        • My colleague Cliff Pearson got me thinking about geotagging. My comment about his posts:
          “Cliff, loving the travelog! Keep the posts coming. Vasken told me about
          the G-map plug-in that you are using, can you send that my way? My wife
          will be going to the Galapagos Islands in June and I’m setting up a
          site for her which will include a Google map of the journey using GPS
          waypoints and geo-tagged images to recount the trip for her 7th grade
          class. This will be a huge help!”

           – post by edventures


          Geoblogging with Textpattern and the Google Maps API – Textbook International

            Flickr + Google Maps = Geobloggers  Annotated

              “tag” your Flickr photos with the latitude and longitude where the photo was taken, and the photo will be displayed as a push pin on a Flickr/Google Maps combo.

                KML and GeoRSS Support Added to the Google Maps API – Google Maps API Official Blog  Annotated

                • Google Maps API supports GeoRSS and KML
                   – post by edventures
                we now support GeoRSS as a data format for geographic content in Google Maps.

                  High Earth Orbit – More Geoblogging tools: ecto and Geo-Blogging Toolkit  Annotated

                  • Page has link to a screencast demo on using the geoblogging toolkit.
                     – post by edventures
                  when you want to “geoblog”, you want to add some more metadata than just the title, content, and some tags.

                    Plugins/Geo « WordPress Codex  Annotated

                    • WordPress page of plugins related to Geoblogging
                       – post by edventures
                    This page contains plugins related to geographical information.

                      WordPress Geo Mashup Plugin by cyberhobo

                      • Plot posts on a Google map with a pin at each post. Pins link to summary and blog post.
                         – post by edventures

                      Travelog – WordPress Plugin Repository – Trac

                      • Create trips, add locations to posts, create embedded Google Maps
                         – post by edventures

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