How Do You Get Your Message Out?

ARC Campaign

Came across this Wired article today in my feeds entitled Masterpieces of Disaster. The American Red Cross in the San Francisco Bay Area is taking a proactive approach to emergency preparedness with their Prepare Bay Area project. Hiring Publicis & Hal Riney, the Bay Area ARC has developed a diversified high-impact communication portfolio including mobile billboards which are designed to integrate into real settings, water bottles with the message “Try living on this for three days” and fake earthquake early warning simulators (an old-school bell that would ring when the earthquake shook hard enough), among others. You really need to look at the photos accompanying the article for the full impact!

The Red Cross message:

“What do we have to do to get your attention?”

Now this is an in-your-face approach to communication and only time will tell how well it is received but it made me stop and think about how I get my message out to my own intended recipients whether they are faculty, students or the general public.

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