Kids Conference: NHYES – NH Youth Environmental Summit


I can’t believe I had forgotten this “kids conference” when I posted on Vicki Davis’ article the other day. When I worked at Moultonborough Academy, one of our science teachers, Shaw Smith, was the faculty coordinator for the NH Youth Environmental Summit, an environmental leadership conference for middle-school students.

As it turns out, Plymouth State University hosts the one day NHYES conference in our science center, Boyd Hall! This year’s conference was an exceptional success as it sold out and they were in the unique position of having to turn away those who had hoped to register.

One of the unique things about this conference is that the presenters are all high-school students, with a couple of outstanding middle schoolers thrown in for good measure. The students are responsible for developing the conference from soup to nuts including registration, publicity and presentation.

I would love to compile a list of similar endeavors if folks would be willing to throw the URLs my way. If you already have them in your list, just add the tags for:edventures and kids-conference and I’ll create a page for those resources.

Perhaps such a list could serve to inspire others to reach out and engage students at a very visceral level!


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3 thoughts on “Kids Conference: NHYES – NH Youth Environmental Summit

  1. Thank you for tagging us John.
    The New Hampshire Youth Earth Summit (NHYES) is a statewide environmental leadership conference for middle-school students. NHYES is organized, designed and run by a group of high school students from Moultonborough Academy. The NHYES team works throughout the year to determine theme and venue, conduct a mass mailing, select a menu, fix costs, find speakers, determine activities, and work through all of the logistics.

    This year they selected “Global Warming” and Plymouth State University (PSU). The combination of timely topic, great facilities, and a plan that builds leadership skills for all delegates. While two exceptional NHYES organizers (Jen & Kelsea)led a workshop on Leadership Skills, the presenters were professionals with experience in their fields.

    Dr. Sam Miller, meterology professor from PSU gave a lecture on “Climate Change” and a tour of the Judd Gregg Meterological Institute (JGMI).
    Mr Geoff Cunningham with Irwin’s Toyota described hybrid technology in autos, ways to conserve gas by improving mileage, and a chance to sit in and look through a new Prius.
    Mr. David Severance had student-delegates chemically transform used fry oil into biodiesel, which can be used to power autos, trucks, and buses.
    Mr. Dennis Vienneau presented the “Inconvenient Truth” slideshow tailored to the NHYES delegates. Mr. VNO was selected and trained by Al Gore and the IT team.

    NHYES organizers led whole conference activities (Fishing Village, and Lilac Measurements) in an auditorium, and provided the activity background and instructions so that student delegates could replicate them in their own school.

    Its about high school students igniting and passing on the torch of environmental leadership to middle school students.

    Its about trying to make a difference.

    Its about thinking globally and acting locally.

    These are young people that we can be proud of for genuinely seeking to make a contribution and putting in the effort to really make it work. The NHYES organizers themselves gain valuable experience in the management and production of a large, multifaceted event.

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