Google Talk on your own blog or homepage

This is way too cool! Google Talk, a combination VoIP and IM app formerly only available as a locally run application, is now available to install on your own web page whether it be your Google IG page or your blog. So if you are on the road sans computer and you log into your blog which just happens to be running this widget, you have instant access to your contacts.

UPDATE: Upon reflection, this is only kinda cool. It is great that your G-Talk contacts are available from your own personal home page and embedded YouTube videos are a neat trick but it seems to me sort of an obvious next step. Obvious as in should’ve been done months ago. When I first saw this, I somehow read it to mean that the Call function was included which would have made this widget ROCK but in testing, it launched Google Talk as an external app so it is clear that the real time VoIP functions are not yet embedded in this widget. Oh yeah and while you can modify the height and width parameters, this really wants to run in its native 320×447 size to see all the neat new embedded functionality. It needs the same “pop-out” feature that the G-mail version boasts to be worthwhile. So hey Google, call me when you build in both of these features and I will upgrade your status to WAY COOL.

You check it out in action under my Google Shared Items widget in the sidebar. Note that this is not yet a true widget, just a script embedded in a text widget.

To find out more, visit the Google Talkabout page. To download it yourself, go to the gmodules page.


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