Daily Diigo Links – The Galapagos Edition – 03/08/2007

My wife will be traveling to the Galapagos Islands in June as part of a travel study program through Plymouth State University. Unfortunately for her, the trip leader, Dr. Mary Ann McGarry, has been nice enough to let me help craft the culminating project my wife will develop as the credit bearing portion of the trip. So if you were able to craft a project for someone who will be onsite in an exotic and bio-rich environment, what would be valuable for you? Please feel free to drop your comments below and I’ll see what I can include in the culminating project proposal.

The links below will come in useful as it turns out that the Boston Museum of Science is hosting not only the IMAX movie on the Galapagos, but also the American Natural History Museum’s traveling exhibit, Darwin.

IMAX Educator Resources  Annotated

  • Link to the educator’s resource guide which accompanies the IMAX presentation of the Galapagos movie.
     – post by edventures

    Darwin Online Educator’s Guide | American Museum of Natural History  Annotated

    • The American Museum of Natural History’s educators guide to accompany the Darwin traveling exhibit.
       – post by edventures

    Darwin – American Museum of Natural History

    • Website focusing on the work of Charles Darwin as illustrated in the traveling exhibit.
       – post by edventures

    Museum of Science, Boston | Exhibits | Darwin

    • National and Massachusetts science standards linkages for the traveling Darwin exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science can be found here.
       – post by edventures
    • National and Massachusetts Standards correlations can found here. – post by edventures
    • The Darwin Traveling Exhibit will be at the Boston Museum of Science. The Educators Guide is available here.
       – post by edventures

    World Wildlife Fund presents The Galápagos Islands

    • Information and resources pertaining to the Galapagos as provided by the World Wildlife Fund.
       – post by edventures

    Galápagos – National Science Teachers Association site  Annotated

    • The National Science Teachers Association website hosts a wonderful resource on the Galapagos Islands.
       – post by edventures

    Galapagos Imax Movie – Museum of Science, Boston  Annotated

    • The Galapagos IMAX movie is playing at the Boston Museum of Science from 7 March – 25 April 2007. Accompanying the movie is the traveling exhibit, Darwin.
       – post by edventures

    Galapagos – The IMAX Experience  Annotated

    • Visit the Galapagos, IMAX style!
       – post by edventures

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