Changes afoot

For those who actually view my blog and don’t rely solely upon my RSS feed, you will begin to notice some significant makeover work occurring on this site. Turns out that Internet Explorer doesn’t play nice with my current theme and I’m beginning to include more resources in my sidebar than a two column theme can provide. So I am trying out a new theme, a modified version of Fjords01, that I hope will better display the resources that I’m trying to share. Thanks also to Doug Belshaw for his hint on including shared Google Reader feeds. This will give me a reminder of the things I need to follow up on and allow others a glimpse into the topics that I think we should be paying more attention to.

So bear with me and hopefully this will be a relatively painless process. Dang it there is no wood on my keyboard! Oh well, you get the idea.

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2 thoughts on “Changes afoot

  1. What a great theme! And that Google Shared Items sidebar widget is great. Just a shame I haven’t got room for it on the sidebar of my site (I created a Feedburner headline animator from the RSS feed instead…)

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