Calling all Skype-rs

I’ll be facilitating a campus workshop on new communications technologies on Friday, between 12:20 and 1:15 EST (1730 GMT/UTC) on Friday, March 9th. If you are available and willing to talk via Skype for a couple of minutes with us on how these new technologies have changed, influenced or improved your practice, please drop me a line. You can find me by my Skype handle, Edventures, via G-mail/G-Talk as or by e-mail using the email icon to the left.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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4 thoughts on “Calling all Skype-rs

  1. Unfortunately, I was pre-scheduled to attend a talk on mashups by the college’s webmaster and not able to skype in. But I wonder how it went and what interest it fostered in the participants.

  2. It was a very small turnout! One of the folks there had already been Skype-ing for a bit and another was more interested in wikis and collaborative technologies. We’re struggling actually in trying to get more faculty interested in some of these newer technologies. Some of it has to do with the place-based delivery. Everyone prefers it but fewer make the time for it. So I am seriously considering augmenting face-to-face sessions with something like Splashcast. The problem for me is finding the time. I’ve been tasked with so many peripheral duties that it is hard for me to carve enough out and I’ve not done it enough to create an efficient process around it yet.

    Any suggestions James?

  3. I wish I had some definite answers, most likely you are on the right track with providing opportunities for faculty to learn about these new things. I would expect that over time, faculty will be ready for such things as skype, blogs, games, etc…

    I think the trick is to provide them safe places to see the technology solving problems that are real to them. Thus, demonstrating the tech’s capabilities but also that technology is secondary to the instructional problem.

    As far as the time crunch, I hear you. I try to carve out 30 – 60 minutes a day of ‘me time’ where I jump into one of the things I read about on blogs like yours or do a little blogging to focus my thoughts. I find this really pays off in clarity of thought and the ability to clearly define purpose and set priorities. Other times, I just drop everything and go for a walkabout in the academic buildings. I always bump into someone who needs something but the face time also gives me a chance to learn what I should be looking at or thinking about in my ‘me time.’

    I would love to chat more about what you are doing, perhaps how we could even help each other tackle the work that we must do to get to the work we want to do. Any ways the ‘door’ is always open. Email me for my skype name if you want to pursue this…

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