Help defend the Enhancing Education Through Technology program budget

This came in from our state EdTech listserv, and I thought I would share it for those who are interested in advocating for the restoration of EETT funding:

The Administration recently released its proposed FY08 Budget which calls for the total elimination of critical education technology funding. Specifically, the Administration’s Proposed FY08 Budget would zero out the Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) program.  Combined, the proposed FY08 budget cuts education technology by $290 million alone.

Before the House and Senate put forth their budget proposals, send a letter to your congressional representatives asking them to save EETT.  CLICK HERE to enter your zip code and send a letter with this important message.

These proposed cuts come at the same time that the Administration and Congress are concerned that America’s students lack sufficient academic background in math and science, imperiling their personal and the nation’s competitiveness in the global economy. Denying education technology knowledge and tools to America’s k12 students and teachers not only does not advance that agenda, but undermines it.

With the House and the Senate working on a budget resolution over the next five weeks, now is the time for members of Congress to hear from you that education technology funding must be restored. Now is the time to make your voice heard in support of the EETT program.

CLICK HERE to enter your zip code to send your letter to the House and Senate asking to save EETT and to fund it at $700 million.

Every letter generated during this crucial time will make a difference. Even if you already took action a few months ago, please send another letter and spread the word to your friends, family and coworkers. Your voice matters!

Tell Congress to KEEP AMERICA COMPETITIVE and save funding for EETT!


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