Diigo Links – Proposed Technology Legislation

  • This link is the full text of the legislation. – post by edventures
  • Senator Ted Stevens’ second attempt at regulating content on the Internet under the auspices of protecting children from online predation.
     – post by edventures

HR1120 – DOPA Full text

  • Currently a placeholder, this link will contain the full text of Representative Mark Kirk’s DOPA bill.
     – post by edventures

HR387 – Internet Stopping Adults Facilitating the Exploitation of Today’s Youth Act (SAFETY) of 2007  Annotated

  • Lamar Smith, Republican representative from Texas, has introduced a bill which is the House equivalent of DOPA. Read a review here.
     – post by edventures

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2 thoughts on “Diigo Links – Proposed Technology Legislation

  1. Hi.

    I have spear headed Internet Safety not only in my elementary school, but my entire region.

    Legislation–approved, pending or dead, has sure begun a very interesting debate!! I was a part of an online discussion regarding one of these particular laws–banning social networking sites in public schools and/or libraries.
    Heated discussion.

    Personally, I have very strong views on legislation, being a parent of two teenagers, working with hundreds and hundreds of children every week in a computer lab environment and an educator in Internet Safety.

    Please visit my site for further information!


  2. I think that discussion of these issues is vital to educating teens and young adults about the dangers AND the incredible opportunities that exist with social media. Unfortunately, many people don’t fully understand the amazing impact that social media has had on society and that the MySpacers and corporate America (who will redirect a large amount of their advertising dollars and marketing resources to the web) will greatly change every aspect of a person’s life. Social media is the body language of the Internet. I have launched a new website called Social-Legislation.com to discuss these issues. You’re more than welcome to post your comments there and if you support the SAVE YOUR SPACE petition you’re welcome to sign that too.

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