Digital ethnography – Web 2.0… The Machine is Us/ing Us

This has been blogged to death but since I’ve been referencing it in a number of workshops it just made sense to have it here on my site.

Michael Wesch, Associate Professor of Anthropology at Kansas State University, has created this 5-minute warp speed video that shows us the evolution of the web, but also how it has shaped and been shaped by evolutions in the types and social nature of various online applications. It seems to me that this movie could be just the tip of the iceberg and that it would be a great foundation or even a springboard for a larger study of how we are shaped by our technology and in turn serve to shape technology. The cyclical relationship between man and machine. Hmmm…

Anyway, enjoy…

[tags]ethnography, machine, video, web2.0, wesch, youtube, video [/tags]

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