New and Improved Google Apps

Hot off the blog presses it appears that Google has finally gone official with their commercial release of Google Apps. I’m quite happy that they have included Docs & Spreadsheets and Shared Calendaring which I thought was an obvious omission when they first rolled the suite out. They’ve also embedded API and tech support for their paid service.

At first glance, it seems reasonably priced at $50/year, but upon further review the pricing structure is $50 per user per year. So rather than attract an audience in the small business, non-profit organization and small school higher ed markets, the pricing structure may only be appealing to larger organizations such as Disney’s Pixar. You can compare the feature sets between their Standard and Premier editions although the difference seems to primarily revolve around email storage capacity, service continuity and support, and the ability to integrate APIs and third-party apps. Incredibly, Docs and Spreadsheets is included in the Standard feature set so if you don’t require advanced integration points and don’t mind ads, don’t bother with the Premier at least until they roll out more features.

I’m still waiting/hoping/expecting integration with their Google Groups feature in order to support a small team approach to project management.


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