HR1120 – House Resolution to revisit DOPA

UPDATE: The full text of this bill is now available here.

As if Senator Stevens and Representative Lamar Smith’s bills weren’t enough, now there is yet another bit of proposed legislation in the House to

…amend the Communications Act of 1934 to require recipients of universal service support for schools and libraries to protect minors from commercial social networking websites
and chat rooms.

On Friday, February 16th, Representative Mark Kirk of Illinois introduced House Resolution 1120, the full text of which has as of this post had not yet been entered into the Thomas database although it’s placeholder can be found during a search.

According to a CNet News blog authored by Anne Broache, this bill is nearly identical to last year’s DOPA proposal. Broache quotes Kirk’s floor statement:

“I believe this is an entirely appropriate action to help parents determine
what their children can and cannot do online,” Kirk said in a floor statement
introducing his bill. “It seems foolish for the taxpayer to subsidize what
amounts to a loophole by which children can circumvent their parent?s wishes and
unwittingly expose themselves to Internet predators.”

And as expected, library, education and civil liberties proponents are again objecting to the bill.

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One thought on “HR1120 – House Resolution to revisit DOPA

  1. I think that discussion of these issues is vital to educating teens and young adults about the dangers AND the incredible opportunities that exist with social media. Unfortunately, many people don’t fully understand the amazing impact that social media has had on society and that the MySpacers and corporate America (who will redirect a large amount of their advertising dollars and marketing resources to the web) will greatly change every aspect of a person’s life. Social media is the body language of the Internet. I have launched a new website called to discuss these issues. You are more than welcome to post your comments there and if you support the SAVE YOUR SPACE petition, please sign that too.

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