Teacher as Marketer?

Once again Kathy Sierra has hit it on the head! In her recent post, Marketing should be education, education should be marketing, Kathy points how teachers and marketers can learn from one another and improve both their practices. Her lead-in says it all:

Do you want passionate users? Educate them. Do you want passionate learners? Sell them.

What teachers can learn from marketers

  • Marketers know what turns the brain on (currently, not last week). Teachers need that more than ever today.
  • Marketers know how to motivate someone almost instantly. Teachers could sure use that.

What marketers can learn from teachers

  • Teachers know the importance of honesty and integrity. The good teachers care.
  • Teachers know how to help people think on a deeper level, to get beyond the surface level of understanding.

Will Richardson has been talking about teaching with passion and Kathy’s post echoes a similar sentiment:

…any marketing approach based on helping users get better needs to use emotions to enhance thinking, not prevent it.

And what do our learners have to do with this you might ask?

If we’re to be smart consumers (and voters), we must stay one step ahead of those who are trying to manipulate us without our knowledge. And for that, we must know as much as possible about how our brains work, and how we’re being tricked, spun, and seduced. We should all be comfortable thinking, “Oh, that’s obviously my amygdala talking.”

One more critical analysis skill requisite for the digital age.

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