Librarian 2.0 Manifesto

The link to this YouTube video came through my feeds over the weekend. As I watched, it struck me that here is someone who gets it. No longer is it ok to maintain the status quo when it no longer serves the needs of those who require our services. Evolution occurs everywhere and the work of the librarian is no exception. What matters here though is that one librarian, Laura Cohen, is fighting to not only retain the relevance of her profession, but to elevate it!

Here are a few of her tenets:

  • I will educate myself about the information culture of my users and look for ways to incorporate what I learn into library services. (Note the focus on their patrons!)
  • I will not be defensive about my library, but will look clearly at its situation and make an honest assessment about what can be accomplished. (Note that this is not about me, but about them – our patrons)
  • I will take an experimental approach to change and be willing to make mistakes.
  • I will validate, through my actions, librarians’ vital and relevant professional role in any type of information culture that evolves.

Bravo Laura!

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