Diigo Links – How Do You Blog? – Thoughts from the blogosphere

  • Continuation of the How Do You Blog? meme. Miguel Guhlin focuses on:
    • flow (in the moment)
    • experiential transformation
    • daring to contribute
    • telling the truth
    • sharing your heart

     – post by edventures

writing wasn’t easy and it wasn’t fun. It was hard and lonely, and the words seldom just flowed

Moving at the Speed of Creativity » Blog Archive » Developing blog post topics  Annotated

  • Another great resource for overcoming bloggers writers block dealing with passion, reflection, synthesis, relevance and FUN!
     – post by edventures
a very organic, unpredictable, and dynamical process

Bump on the Blog » How Do You Write?  Annotated

  • Brian Grenier is credited with starting the How Do You Write meme.
     – post by edventures
the reason I struggle to find something meaningful and well-thought out to say, at times, is due to my lack of research and reflection prior to writing

Cool Cat Teacher Blog: Becoming a Blogging Maestro: Composing Beautiful Blog Music  Annotated

  • Another great resource for blogging practitioners from Vicki Davis.
    She focuses on:

    • truth
    • variety
    • passion
    • inspiration
    • technical precision

     – post by edventures

Blogging is like performing music.

Portals and KM: Guidelines for Writing Good Learning Blogs  Annotated

  • Great resource for focusing on blogs for learning and overcoming bloggers writers block
     – post by edventures
Guidelines for Writing Good Learning Blogs

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