Diigo Links – 02/09/2007

    • Another voice for a sea change in the praxis of higher education, this article has some pertinent insights into how those of us in higher education must begin to address and challenge some of the older paradigms which are inhibiting our ability to transform our praxis into one more suitable to the 21st century. – post by edventures
    • Interesting points that higher ed should pull:
      • Online personas are important to establish “street cred”
      • Don’t ban, EDUCATE, students on privacy and internet safety
      • Wi-Fi means connections in both the virtual and real sense, make wireless access a priority
      • Research is happening online, don’t fight it, embrace it and in doing so, improve the online research experience. Provide tools for digital literacy and improved research skills in a digital age.

      The question is, will the colleges and universities pay attention?

      – post by edventures

    • A great article on internet-based teaching and learning resources by Bryan Alexander, Research Director for the National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education. It touches upon practical uses of blogs, wikis, podcasts and virtual worlds in addition to social imaging. One topic that I think would be of particular interest to librarians is that of social bookmarking – using online tools to create and share dynamic lists of readings or resources that might be specific to their area of specialization. – post by edventures
  • EDUCAUSE Quarterly | Volume 30 Number 1 2007 Annotated

    suppose for a moment that it’s the 1930s…”

    …You’re the captain of the luxury liner, the Queen Mary, steaming across the Atlantic to New York. Suddenly, you hear a low drone. You look up and see a Pan Am Clipper, winging its way from London to New York. Would you realize that the age of steamships is about to end? Would the steamship company understand that its business actually is transportation, not ships?

    Students offer Net advice to colleges | CNET News.com

    ALA | Using technology in teaching and learning

    The Creative Educator

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