2007 Online Connectivism Conference Wrap-up

The 2007 Online Connectivism Conference is in the books although the wrap-up event will be held at 11 CST/noon EST on Monday, February 12th. As a tool for myself but for others who would find this helpful, I’ve compiled the links to most of the PowerPoint presentations, audio files (mp3), video files (m4v), Elluminate sessions (when they worked) and Chat Text. Feel free to delve into these rich conversations, but if you want more, check out the Moodle site at: http://ltc.umanitoba.ca/moodle/

Day 1 – George Siemens: Connectivism: Learning conceptualized through the lens of today’s world

Day 2 – Will Richardson: Connective Teaching – How the Read/Write Web Challenges Traditional Practice

Day 3 – Diana Oblinger: Balancing Agility and Stability in Higher Education

Day 4 – Bill Kerr: A Challenge To Connectivism

Day 5 – Stephen Downes: The Recognition Factor

Day 6 – Terry Anderson: Research and Net Pedagogies

Thanks to Jim Coyle and Stephen Downes for the audio files, Thomas Bernhardt for the Google Video files, George Siemens for posting the chat text, and thanks to Elluminate for hosting the recorded sessions. And a big thanks to all the presenters who offered up their PowerPoint presentations for us to reference in the future. This type of open sharing in a wonderful community of practice sets a terrific example for others to follow.

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