Tips for bloggers about blogging

There has been a meme floating about the blogosphere for the past couple of weeks about how bloggers blog – the whys and hows for their own practice. I’ve consolidated a few of these here (which will soon be duplicated in my Diigo and accounts so that I can re-use the content for my summer grad course. I apologize in advance for the duplications!)

Bill Ives – Guidelines for Writing Good Learning Blogs
Wes Fryer – Developing blog post topics
Vicki Davis – Becoming a Blogging Maestro: Composing Beautiful Blog Music
Brian Grenier – How Do You Write?
Miguel Guhlin – Blogging Yin and Yang

For more blogging goodness, do a Technorati search for the tag – howdoyouwrite

It is a small but growing meme, so contribute! I’m working on my post right now.

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