The Google Rumor Mill

So rumor is swirling around the Google-verse about where the company is headed next with its web office suite. Business Week has an article which opines that Google is not far away from offering a subscription based digital office and states that Disney and Pixar are already considering moving to Google and away from Microsoft. It is also expected that Google will soon integrate Docs & Spreadsheets into their office suite. This is something that I have been advocating on their feedback line for some time. That and integration with their Groups functionality too!

Another rumor floated out there is that Google is nearly ready to announce a new addition to their line, a competitor to Microsoft’s PowerPoint product, which is expected to be called Presently. My colleague Zach Tirrell points to code in Google Docs language file which specifies presentation details. This is seconded by a CNet blog opinion posted February 5th.

Feeding all of this is Google’s recent opening of access to G-Mail. No longer do folks need to be invited to get a G-Mail account. The doors are opening to the geek version of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. What will we find inside?

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