Dorm Room of the Future Design Contest

A while back I posted about a scholarship contest which focuses on the digital dorm room of the future. Today, The Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription required) posted an article about the winners of a similar contest sponsored by ACUHO-I (Association of College and University Housing Officers-International). The contest was intended to spark thought and attention on implementing new principles of design and utility in the area of college housing. According to The Chronicle:

The competition was the first step in a process, called the 21st Century Project, that the association hopes will lead to construction of a prototype residence hall.

It appears that modularity was a common theme amongst the 46 entrants. The winning proposal was submitted by Jonathan Levi, architect and Harvard University adjunct professor. His proposal envisioned:

Residence-hall rooms of the future will be made in a factory, trucked to campuses, and stacked with other matching units — each constructed of sustainably harvested wood — to form buildings complete with lounges and corridors. The rooms will be filled with modular furnishings that can easily be switched out as needs change. A kitchenette might be rolled in to replace a second bed, for instance. And the rooms will be redecorated as often as their occupants see fit to reprogram the interactive floor-to-ceiling media walls.

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