Northern Voice 2007

A number of folks have already blogged about the upcoming Northern Voice 2007 which runs from Thursday evening, February 22nd through Saturday, February 24th. Held at the University of British Columbia in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, this year’s conference kicks off with a spaghetti dinner and opening night party on Thursday, with Moosecamp on Friday and Northern Voice running on Saturday. The full schedule of events for Saturday has been posted.

I’ve wanted to attend Northern Voice since its inception three years ago. Many of the folks whose blogs I’ve come to know and respect have made a conscious effort to not simply be present but to participate and help shape the development of our virtual voices. Who are these voices who shape my own practice? There’s Brian Lamb, who spoke with great enthusiasm and passion for his work at a NERCOMP SIG on social software in October 2005. There’s D’Arcy Norman, who’s dogged work on Drupal and advocacy in the areas of open-source software amazes me.

Unlike so many of the corporate conferences, Northern Voice is not a commercial venture. It is built upon the work of, and remains true to, those who contribute to this community of practice. It is a grand social experience. I have to say that the thought of being surrounded by so many passionate and creative individuals is exciting, yet intimidating. I am struggling right now to find my own voice although I’ve been blogging for over a year now. It would be an amazing and enlightening experience to be able to share with and learn from this dynamic and passionate community.

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One thought on “Northern Voice 2007

  1. NorthernVoice and MooseCamp have been the highlight events for me since they started – 3 years ago already! wow, time flies. This is going to be another awesome gathering, exactly because it’s not a Big Corporate Event – it’s the most community-oriented conference I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of. Great fun. I’ll see you there!

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