Don’t Be a Jerk, De-Lurk!

Ok, so it’s a lame title but if it got you to read this post, then it did it’s job!

Came across this post on National De-Lurking Week from Wes Fryer over at The Speed of Creativity. In it he says:

In your 2007 professional development sessions at school, consider proposing a “blog commenting” activity. Part of the activity time can be spent edifying student bloggers.

This is a great exercise to reinforce the act of participation – the interactivity which adds a richer dimension to the blogging experience. Even more so when our teaching professionals contribute their thoughts to the work of students even if they don’t happen to be their own! While blogging is a great practice for educators, in my estimation, commenting is even more valuable to  to their learners as it focuses on what is truly important, their thought processes, their ideas, on solidifying their knowledge. So pierce the veil and de-lurk yourself!

I’ve included the images from the following links for you to use in your own de-lurking mission:

My personal favorites so far:
Not exactly appropriate for school use, but funny nonetheless

Communication can overcome fear!

In the cute and fuzzy category:


In the Mom’s guilt category:

More de-lurking goodness:



So don’t be a jerk, de-lurk!

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