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  • My experience as an outdoor educator taught me that experiences are retained longer and the lessons learned are often more internalized when a follow-up session is conducted. The follow-up serves to not only refresh one’s mind but also provides an opportunity for growth based on their reflection on the meaning of an experience over time. Much the same holds true for our professional development opportunities. How often have we conducted a single session and then thought to ourselves, “Ok, they can take it from here?” Consider a professional development experience that you either conducted or participated in. How well were those lessons learned?
    – post by edventures
I’m realizing that a three hour session is not nearly long enough to get someone into the practice of blogging (rather than simply introducing them to the concepts and setting up their blog). Some of the participants will be returning again on Thursday to re-take the same workshop, but I hope to be able to offer more follow up sessions (rather than new sessions) in the spring.

    University of Manitoba: Learning Technologies Centre Annotated(1)

    Connectivism Online Conference

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