Daily Links 01/11/2007

BlogBridge » Feed Library

  • From BlogBridge, Feed Library is a way to catalog and categorize and present RSS feeds in a way which should increase readership through findability.

    The open source version of this product is incredibly powerful for educational institutions which would like to: 1. increase awareness of RSS among their less-technologically savvy campus population, 2. increase their PR presence and 3. increase the communication and collaboration environment on their campus.
    – post by edventures

Groove Home Page – Microsoft Office Online

  • For those leery of the Google-verse, Microsoft is now offering a collaborative product which utilizes a process similar to P2P in that files are stored locally and synchronized among team members.
    – post by edventures

Microsoft Office Online

  • Are you in the Groove? If not, check out this tutorial from Microsoft.

    Groove is an interesting concept, though I’m not sure how well it will catch on. It reminds me of a P2P app. If I were to compare it to Google Office (my term) I would differentiate it as a centralized v. distributed model. Google is a web-based, web-stored centralized provider, whereas Groove is a web-based, locally stored and replicated solution. With Google there is concern over file ownership and potential privacy issues, while Groove appears to bypass that by ensuring that only members of a Groove workspace have access to these files as they are stored on each authorized user’s machine and are allowed to sync their changes to the rest of their team.
    – post by edventures

Weblogg-ed Presentation Links

  • Will’s resource wiki for presentations
    – post by edventures

Shambles in S.E.Asia : Web 2.0 (The Education Project Asia)

  • Interesting compilation of links specific to Web 2.0 resources with a lean toward the educational sector.
    – post by edventures

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