Do you want a $100 laptop?

BBC NEWS | Technology | Public can purchase $100 laptop

“But customers would have to buy two laptops at once – with the second one going to the developing world.”

  • What an incredibly socially conscious step!Initially, Negroponte seemed adamant that the $100 laptop was only to be sold to developing nations and only in huge orders (I believe the number was upwards of $1 million). In this way, not only do we reap the benefit of access to this technology for our own underprivileged students but we help others at the same time. Could you imagine an Adopt-a-School program that partnered schools based on purchase of these laptops?

    Now there is concern about the management and administration of such a program and its potential for abuse but what if the partnership destination was open and transparent to the world? Purchasers might be able to have a say in where their “donation” would go and those recipients would be able to help the $100 Laptop Program remain accountable to their mission.

    This is a social policy that could well be implemented in other venues to the benefit of all!

    – post by edventures

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